AVN v3.0.0 Upgrade Tips

November 30, 2021

AVN v3.0.0 Upgrade Tips

If you are updating to v3.0.0, please read the following:

QT Wallet (UI) When you first open the new wallet it should ask to put in a new datadir, as shown by the picture below. You can put:


If you used a custom datadir then put that in the field instead.

If you need any help, please use 🎫『open_a_ticket』.

aviand (pool-ops) To update your wallet you can do 2 things. You can move your folder to ~/.avian or use a custom datadir. I'll provide a command to the first in one shot. Login into the user you installed aviand, making sure ravend is NOT RUNNING and type:

mv ~/.ravenlite ~/.avian && mv ~/.avian/raven.conf ~/.avian/avian.conf

This command will move your folder to ~/.avian and rename raven.conf to avian.conf.

After this you can start up aviand for the first time.

Need a node to connect for syncing? Try this! Go to Help->Debug->Console Then type:

addnode addaddnode dnsseed.us.avn.network addaddnode dnsseed.eu.avn.network add

Any issues please join our Discord Server for support