A peer to peer electronic system for the creation and transfer of assets



  • Reward of 2,500 AVN per block 
  • 30 second block time 
  • 21 billion total supply 
  • Decentralized hashrate for better safety of the network
  • No Premine

Ravencoinlite (rvl)


Initial RVC – RVL Fork

Release Date

September 01, 2021


December 6, 2021


X16R for CPU and GPU Mining

Avian (AVN)

2nd Phase

RVL – AVN Rebrand

Release Date

November 30, 2021


X16RT for GPU and MinotaurX for CPU


December 7, 2021

Avian (AVN) is driven by the community, which is fully committed to the prosperity of the AVN network. It provides the balanced use of X16RT & MinotaurX algorithms – guaranteeing equal rights of each community member to participate in block production using their GPU or CPU, with increased user control and censorship resistance in issuance and governance of digital assets.

AVN Roadmap

Please note that the roadmap is subject to change.

Phase 1 / Hard Fork (August 2021)

  • Initial RVC – RVL Fork 
  • Development on AVN Website 
  • Development/Integration of AVN Nodes 

Phase 2 / Assets (September 2021)

  • Pool Support Across Small and Major Networks Alike
  • Launch of AVN Foundation
  • Fix Data Dir Issue 
  • Acquire Exbitron Exchange Support 
  • Full Website Published 
  • Beginning Stages of looking into adding a CPU Mining Algorithm for AVN

Phase 3 / Launch (October 2021)

  • Revamp of AVN Wallet (Features, Issues)
  • Update on CPU Mining Algo Progress 
  • Beginning stages of looking into Mobile App Development 

Phase 4 / Wallets (November 2021)

  •  AVN X16RT & MINX Testnet Activation
  •  AVN Wallet v3.0.0 Release
  •  X16RT GPU  Algorithm implementation replacing X16R
  • MinotaurX CPU Algorithm implementation
  • WAVN (Wrapped AVN) on Polygon Network released

Phase 5 / Activation (December 2021)

  •  X16RT & MinotaurX Mainnet Activation

Phase 6 / Longevity (January 2022)

  • Beginning stages of discussing long term improvements
  • Development – Strengthening wallet, adding newer features and security implementations / back porting
  • Looking into Asset Creation
  • 3.1.1 Maintenance Wallet Release✔
  • Start Development work on  wallet version 4.0.0✔

Phase 7 / Direction (February 2022)

  • AVN  Whitepaper released✔
  • Adding AVN as an in game currency
  • Applying for listing on exchanges
  • Start development impovements for wrapping and unwrapping for WAVN on Polygon MATIC
  • Launching AVN Merchandise & Store
  • Launch and continue development of Avian Flight Plans
  • Start AVN mobile app (ios/android) development✔
  • Listed on CoinGecko and other data aggregators✔
  • Restructure team to improve handling in marketing, strategic partnerships, social media, development and content creation

Phase 8 / Development (March 2022)

  • Launch AVN Developer Documentation and continue improving
  • Launch AVN Team page
  • Start development of Trezor/Ledger Integration
  • Complete desktop wallet redesign, better UI, access to information, and asset creation and management experience
  • C++ Developer & Other Team Roles Recruiment Drive
  • Rewrite fee to reduce spam transactions, introduce coin burn and increase the foundations budget
  • Launch of Campaign fundraiser for exchange listings/operational/hosting costs

Phase 9 / (April 2022)

  • List on tracking sites like CoinMarketCap and other trading platforms
  • Establishment of a new website with a new road map and a blog section that represents Avian Foundation.
  • Exploring viability of Masternode’s/Smartnode’s
  • Reintroduction of support for assets, creation and management
  • Add built in WAVN conversion process to  Core wallet UI
  • Look into Metamask style web wallet
  • Explore WAVN integrations to other protocols

Phase 10 - (May 2022)

    • Listing of WAVN on DEXs and development of Yield farms and Syrup pools
    • Plan 50.7% emissions through other non-mining mechanisms that provide the community with long term value and further increase network accessibility for investors
    • Possibly work on an asset/token marketplace to allow for the community a general location to trade tokens.
    • Develop token functionality and usability; profit redistribution in AVN, on chain voting and governance, token holder messaging/ chat
    • Work on a limited native token (NFT) launch, with a possible play at network governance, tokenized DAO

Join & Follow the COmmunity

Avian Network prides itself by having a strong community. The time is now to join the AVN community. Please find the link to the AVN community channels below.

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